100 Pound Pizza Slice – Epic Meal Time

This slice of pizza weighs 100 pounds. That’s right, over 100 lbs of pizza pardise!

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100 Pound Pizza Slice – Epic Meal Time


  1. Adam -Gaming says:

    You guys are epic

    meal time

  2. Nicholas Reynolds says:

    Thats diabetes before you can say diabetes

  3. Kevin Fernandez says:

    that ain’t 100 ,other wise he would have shown the scale reading

  4. Younis Ahmad says:

    These kinds of videos sicken me! With millions starving around the world,
    why don’t you put some of that YouTube money into helping them? you guys
    waste food and eat like animals just for views. who puts bacon on a pizza
    anyway? *puke

  5. Ben says:

    “You stuff your crust with cheese, you’re a bitch!” lol

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