50 Pound Fried Chicken Sandwich – Epic Meal Time

We made a 50 Pound Fried Chicken Sandwich, then added bacon, and onion rings to it, and lathered it up in gravy! This sandwich isn’t just stellar, it’s the breast!

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50 Pound Fried Chicken Sandwich – Epic Meal Time


  1. Keenan says:

    Love me Bwak Bwak Bwak!

  2. Stephen Wolfe says:

    do a cuban food special

  3. Johan Enqvist says:

    Some old-school editing, poetic narration, the weekly bacon moment, a
    reci..repei… concoction of edible items that demanded the slaughter of
    half a barnyard. Is this the beginning of a new golden age of EMT,
    harkening back to the meals of epic yore? Lets hope so. Even gross guy have
    learned to brutally destroy a meal. Well done!

  4. Kyla Anderson says:

    A fuck ton of bacon and abbey creative way to make a giant bun! Good job

  5. Eugenia Cooney's Doctor says:

    I bet one of those tombstones at the beginning said “EMT”.

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