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Are you looking for a healthy smoothie recipe book?than this smoothies recipe book contains a great variety of healthy smoothies: smoothies for weight loss, green smoothies and a great plan for detox cleanse! * 5 stars “solid and helpful” ( M Pam )* 5 stars “delicious and healthy!”( Joelhanson )many times after a successful diet, we get frustrated since after a while we discover that the weight loss was only temporary and that we gained weight again Just reducing the amount of food that we consume does not change our eating habits, and self-starvation is a recipe for misery not a long term weight loss. it’s time for us to respect our body and start a diet that is great for weight loss, but also is healthy for our body: gives it the vitamins and minerals we need, cleansing it from the toxic waste that we gain in our body caused by the western way of living, helps us to get rid of the unnecessary waste that burdens the body and can cause various disease, and finely making ushealthier, stronger, Happier and off course thinner for the long run. I would like to introduce you the ideal meal: A healthy smoothiedelicious and has a low calorific value! This book will teach an easy way to make a great variety of smoothie at home, making smoothies at home can be a cost effective alternative to buying them already made somewhere else. This book contains 101 delicious healthy smoothies and shakes recipes. Each recipe starts with the qualities and the curative properties of the components in it. The 101 smoothies and shakes in this book are divided to 5 categories: i. Detox & Cleanse smoothies ii. Workout & protein shakes iii. Fats burning & water based smoothies iv. Meal replacement & fiber rich smoothies v. Plant based & other green shakes The reason I think diet is so great is that when most diets reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals our body gets, this smoothie and shake diet improve the quality of the food we eat, helping us not only to lose weight but also to reduce the amount of empty calories we eat and to live a healthier life. It includes all the vitamins and minerals that we need, contained essential ingredients and causing us feeling full, reducing the hunger and eliminate the desire to snack between meals

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