Chocolate Beetroot Fudge Cake Recipe | Low Fat Dessert | MsDessertJunkie

Amazing dessert treats that anyone can make !! Let me show you how to make desserts that you won’t forget. New videos uploaded every Friday, so SUBSCRIBE NOW !! FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK …


  1. Sue Rose' s Channel says:

    Love your recipes!

  2. TUCKER ZONE says:

    awwww Thats an Awesome Low fat Dessert you Rock ;0)

  3. WEAreBuddyz says:

    First! Anyway u look beautiful in this vid!

  4. FitAnge S says:

    I use apple sauce all the time, it’s fantastic and it also keeps them
    really moist. Those look yum. Hope you get your 100 

  5. theaussieninja says:

    I would not have thought that chocolate and beetroot would go together.

    So note to self.. gradually dump things on my chest..

  6. Shana Cali. says:

    i have been trying to figure out how to use applesauce in my baking. your
    the first person that said what it will replace. thank you!!!
    i am a baker. i want my baking to be healthier… yet i use high ratio
    shortening plus butter in all my cakes. and this simply is the opposite of
    my goal.
    do i use the same quantities of my butter or oil and replace with the same
    amount for my applesauce?

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