Colombian Avena Recipe – How to Make An Oatmeal Shake – Sweet y Saldo

RECIPE: In this video I will show you how easy it is to make a Colombian avena, or oat…


  1. miguel alfonso moreno romero says:

    cheveres las recetas pero una sugerencia no todos hablamos ingles por favor
    . gracias

  2. Hailey TheExecutioner says:

    That looks soooo good!

  3. maria del carmen Linares says:

    en español o un traductor gracias Colombia 

  4. Elizabeth londono says:

    I can’t wait to make this!
    I would have never thought to cook the oatmeal like that… I’ll share my
    results with you this weekend 🙂 

  5. TheSquishyMonster says:

    I love that you’ve just introduced me to a new way to enjoy oatmeal, Diana!
    It looks so thick and creamy. Yum!!

  6. Jhosselin quiroz epiayu says:

    también se puede comer en el desayuno caliente, con las hojuelas.
    acompañado de frutas. un desayuno saludable.

  7. Sweet y Salado says:

    @Elizabeth londono, I know it sounds really weird to serve it cold but it’s
    so, so good, which is the reason why it’s so popular in Colombia.

  8. helena heredia says:

    Good for summer time!

  9. SimplyBakings says:

    That’s so cool!! I’ve never thought of making an oatmeal shake and it’s
    always neat to learn more about Colombian food! :)

  10. in the Kitchen With Jonny says:


  11. food jazz says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of an oatmeal shake! I’m thinking it
    would make a great portable breakfast!

  12. One Kitchen - A Thousand Ideas says:

    Oh yum!! That looks like a fantastic shake!!! :-D

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