Deep Fried Bananas with Honey And Coconut Ice Cream

This recipe was inspired by a dessert my family and I had at a Thai place! Tried to remake it and it was absolutely delicious! The deep fried pastry puff aro…


  1. Sweet y Salado says:

    Frozen puff pastry is one of my BFF’s in the kitchen. And how can you go
    wrong with fried bananas? Awesome dessert!

  2. TheWolfePit says:


  3. The Bald Chef says:

    Stef not only did this fried banana recipe look easy, I’m sure tasted
    absolutely divine. I like the touch of the coconut ice cream, I think it
    would really bring out the flavor the bananas, nice dessert recipe.

  4. HellthyJunkFood says:

    wow deep fried? You’re getting edgy stef

  5. EZGlutenFree says:

    Damn that looks delicious Stef.
    I wish I could find gluten free puffed pastry.
    I might try this with a dipped batter of some type. It wont be as good as
    puffed pastry but it should get me close. YUM.

  6. Smoky Ribs says:

    AWESOME! I would love this! Thanks Stef :D

  7. food jazz says:

    Yummy! The presentation was lovely and coconut ice cream was a good choice!

  8. I Just Like To Cook says:

    My Uncle from Nassau, Bahamas turned me on to deep fried bananas many years
    ago. Great recipe Step. The coconut ice cream is a really classy

  9. TheSquishyMonster says:

    Puff pastry with the fixin’s can’t be bad…these look amazing!

  10. BigMeat Sunday says:

    Oh hell yes ! Ill take 4 please ! these lil banana mc nuggets look killer
    and with the honey and ice cream, awesomeness has been formed ! great
    recipe Stef !

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