EASTER EGG AND SPOON TREATS – by the Charli’s Crafty Kitchen kids

EASTER EGG AND SPOON TREATS – by the Charli’s Crafty Kitchen kids You will need: Plastic spoons (we used pink) Melted chocolate White chocolate easter eggs Easter sprinkles …


  1. ZekromGamingz says:

    Ashley put much chocolate in there

  2. Jonaysia Zindell says:

    Is it just me or dosent Ashley look like Rosie from Sophia grace and rosie 

  3. هند الربيعة says:

    الطشظشدازررا ديليب زليلسبياثسبلاتتتتختتابهر

  4. CharlisCraftyKitchen says:

    Egg & Spoon Treats 🙂 Thanks to all who have voted for us to win a kids
    choice award we are very grateful! #KCA 

  5. friends youtube girl says:

    iam gonna make this for school

  6. Sophie Borgmeyer says:

    If you would use green candy melts and it would look like an easter egg in

  7. andreamoboe says:

    I voted lots of times :))) good luck girls! 

  8. Holiss says:

    First comment saludos desde culiacan

  9. Anastasia Dewor says:

    I will vote for you

  10. Kimberly Duke says:

    I vote already

  11. Jazmin Vatel says:

    say in spanish “gracias por ver el video!”, pls!!
    i think that can be sooo cute 

  12. Chloe Kropko says:

    i voted for you and h hope you win!

  13. friends youtube girl says:

    how do you make the melted chocolate?

  14. Lola_love says:

    Great videos
    I love the ears!

  15. Yesica Argueta says:

    First one very crative love you

  16. Alecsandra Breazu says:

    I love you girl! I vote you on Nikelodeon.:))

  17. Kailyn Merkel says:

    I was voting and I couldn’t find you

  18. Bounce Patrol Kids says:

    Haha love how Ashlee uses the sprinkles in moderation… *sprinkles the
    entire packet on top* hehe :)

  19. Luis Regino says:

    I vote for you

  20. DazzleTube 04 says:

    How can I vote? I would love to vote for you

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