Eggless Golden Yellow Cake – Quick Cake / Dessert Recipe – Divine Taste With Anushruti

Learn how to make eggless golden yellow cake. On a day when you need to bake something quickly, eggless golden brown cake (pound cake) is the answer. Anushruti brings you this fuss free recipe…


  1. Jasmin Kaur says:

    but custard powder would have egg powder in it….

  2. Vishu Bansal says:

    Really easy and quick. Must try it

  3. Supratha Thinakaran says:

    I don’t have baking soda!! But I really Want to make it !! Can I add triple
    the amount of baking powder ?? Pls help

  4. Maria Roqueta says:

    What is custard powder? I am gluten-free… What could I use instead of that.

  5. Kiran Chandiramani says:

    At what time should i set my oven (microwave at convection mode) if i want
    to bake this at 180° C? Cz its too long to wait for 50-60 mins for a cake
    like this :-D

  6. AnshRus says:

    Custard powder has corn starch in it, no egg

  7. jigna shah says:

    Hi Anushruti I couldn’t resist, as soon as I watched your video I jumped to
    make it. (I am living in Canada so it was morning here so decided to make
    it for my son when he comes back from school). It really came out good and
    yummy, my son loved it. Thanks a lot for easy pound cake. My custard powder
    was sitting for a long in the freeze. Thanks again.

  8. theo grbacheuwlol says:


  9. Vishu Bansal says:

    I just tried the cake and comes out yummy n yummy.Thank for sharing so easy
    recipe….waiting for more

  10. Jinal Dangar says:

    Anushruti’s recipes are nice but intro’s are tooo long, usually around 30
    secs every time. I know its your channel and guys have the freedom to post
    as you like it but as viewers we like to see videos that go straight to the
    main content as quick as possible, just a suggestion but anyways..
    Thank you Ruchi, Anushruti and the team for the recipes

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