Fall Drink || Vegan Vanilla Chai Smoothie

So it’s been a very long time again and since school has been pretty stressful I only had time to whip up a quick video for you guys 😉
This is a vegan vanilla chai drink, perfect for the fall time and it really boosts your metabolism so you don’t get sick!

Makes 2 servings:

4 bananas
1 1/2 cups of prefered milk
1/2 Ts ground ginger
1/2 Ts cinnamon
1/4 Ts cardamom
1/4 Ts ground cloves

I hope you like this video and please write your video suggestions in the comments below :))

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  1. East Coast Emily says:

    WHAT! This looks amazing!!! 🙂

    Would love if you checked out my channel. :)

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