DIY your very own na na na na na na na na BATCAKE!!

Batman cookie cutter:

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OMG I am so impressed with how this inside surprise cake turned out! I have never made anything like it before and can’t believe it actually worked! My first attempt failed miserably, but that just goes to show practice really does make awesome! First of all I love LEGO… secondly I love Batman! So making a Lego block with a bat symbol inside for the new Lego Batman Movie coming out seemed soooo fitting! I’m super happy I decided to do this cake all in buttercream icing, so not only does it look super cool, but its also super delicious! Make sure to watch right til the end to see Lego Batman HIM SELF come and have a slice of cake with me!

Useful links!

Batman cookie cutter:

Thick vanilla cake recipe (Vegan):

Thick vanilla cake recipe:

Chocolate Cake Recipe:

Check out all the tools and Ingredients you’ll need to make this cake here:

Buttercream Icing/frosting recipe-

Buttercream icing step by step video-

How to cover a cake in fondant video-

How to smooth ice a perfect buttercream cake video-

Buttercream Icing Ingredients:
-1 cup butter (room temperature)
-1 tbs vanilla
-4 cups of icing sugar
-1/4 cup water

For detailed recipes go to

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  1. lulu Gregory says:

    I absolutely love this, it’s my twin grandson’s sixth birthday today and
    their party on Saturday. They are both obsessed with superheroes and the
    new lego batman movie coming out in a few weeks is a much anticipated
    treat… I might just have to try this for them! 😁

  2. k melendez says:

    That’s cute❤❤❤luv it. funny cuz I just finished watching Ann Rearding from
    How to cook that & she made a Lego batman cake…lol

  3. Suzanne Duggan says:

    The lego batman cake came out so awesome. I love watching all your videos.

  4. dani rice says:

    That was awesome!!!

  5. Mélanie Roussel says:


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