Healthy Food Haul With Recipes | Niomi Smart

The food I buy including quick and easy recipes! SUBSCRIBE HERE Previous Video ‘Tips For Starting Uni’ Soci…


  1. soph lotte says:

    in thumbnail, was I the only 1 who thought the jug was floating?
    wheeettt. Niomi us magic?

  2. Gabi Nagy says:

    You should really make your own recipe book! Seriously!

  3. Noa says:

    I really love your recipes :)

  4. Sophie Mclaren says:

    Thank you so much!
    I am moving house in a couple of months and i am going to restock my
    cupboards to more healthy versions of things! i love your chocolate
    milkshake i am going to make it for my children and see if they can tell-
    they are pretty good its me that needs the processed sugar! I am trying to
    put on weight but i still want to be healthy.
    I currently live in north yorkshire so we barely have health food shops
    where i live! i used to live in sussex so would go to infinity foods all
    the time and i love whole foods my aunt introduced me when she lived in
    london! it sucks not being able to see food before you my it!
    my 2 year old is allergic to eggs and they are in everything processed so
    its been a bit of a shock having to de egg our house!
    i am moving to dorset so i am hoping there will be something around! 

  5. It's Just Kate says:

    eeeee, the intro to this video was SO cute. loved it. I really enjoyed this
    kind of video, I love shopping at infinity foods. 

  6. Adela says:

    OMG you look absolutely gorgeous in this video!! 🙂 The updo suits you so

  7. Sue Rose' s Channel says:

    I just started including more healthy meals and foods and trying to eat
    more unprocessed foods and I noticed how much better I feel!
    Thanks for recipes, you should do more, for example a couple of healthy
    treats for a sweet tooth etc

  8. Roosje Huistra says:

    What’s in your eye?

  9. Amelia Clamp says:

    WHERE CAN I BUY THAT TOP?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

  10. LookFromNature says:

    Love this video, it’s definitely exciting to watch than beauty ones! OMG,
    l’ll be adding rosemary to my food now and love dates, they make the best
    smoothie! Thanks for sharing this, so amazing!

  11. Cesca May says:

    I Absoloutley love Hommous… Kinda have an obsession ❤️


  12. Tierney Elizabeth says:

    That top is amazing +Niomi Smart ! Soon I am going to do a 30 day Vegan
    challenge and see how my body feels. I really think it is the best way of
    eating. These videos are so helpful in knowing what to get. Love all your
    videos! You’ve been one of the biggest inspirations in me finally starting
    a channel! xo! 

  13. Mimiboutique6810 says:

    Hey niomi! You’ve replied to a couple of my comments before! But I was
    wondering if you could show a few recipes of energy balls! 

  14. Theresa Blueberry says:

    I’m so glad you love the healthy lifestyle! *I think you’re an amazing
    inspiration Nim! <3*

  15. Chanel Burn says:

    Where’s your blouse (?) from? It looks soooooooo cute!! Xxx

  16. Niomi Smart says:

    What I buy when I go food shopping and what I use them for! I’ve included a
    couple of quick & easy recipes too 🙂 enjoy!

  17. Annie Hill says:

    Live a little!!!! Stop limiting yourself to such a little amount of food 

  18. Meg Says says:

    It’s lovely to see bigger YouTubers talking about health and nutrition, I
    just watched Essie Button’s video on what’s in her gym bag also and I left
    her a comment about how amazing I think it is to see people making the most
    of their health and improving themselves from the inside out. I was just
    getting into fitness and clean eating when I was hospitalised with ME, I’m
    often bedbound but I started blogging and now write for Minvita, I saw that
    you use their Baobab Superfruit Powder in another of your videos which I
    was very excited about! Keep it up, I think you’re so inspiring and just an
    absolute babe in general! 🙂
    P.S. I’m a fellow vlogger from Norwich, I talk about beauty, style and
    living with a disabling chronic illness at a young age 🙂 ♥

  19. sheema styles says:

    Grab a bag and come to Egypt i’ll give you alot of dates, tahini and

  20. itsonlymakeup1 says:

    You should try ‘9bar’ its a bar made from different types of seeds with a
    thin layer or dark chocolate on the top. It’s gluten and dairy free and it
    tastes really good 1

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