Homemade Glazed Lime Pound Cake Recipe

GET RECIPE: I’m back!! Get ready for St. Patty’s Day with this velvety soft glazed lime pound cake! Drizzled with a sweet and…


  1. Shan Deana says:

    Guys….. I tried this recipe out and oh my goodness it’s soooo delicious!!
    The same thing happened with Diva’s husband with my brother and dad! They
    were judging me so hard for making lime he said can you just make
    brownies?! I was getting so pissed off so they decided to leave me alone
    and once I was done they devoured it!!! I’m telling you guys it’s sooo good
    and it doesn’t taste super Limey! It’s so much better than the lemon pound
    cake I buy at the store! I just made more glaze cause I have such a sweet

  2. glenda smith says:

    Really Diva??!!! LOL i am dieting but i want to try this cake so bad!
    The second cheat day i get im making this. LOL I would say the first but i
    already have something for my first cheat day.

  3. sparkle2012jt says:

    This cake looks scrumptious!!! I am going to have to try it one day. Can
    you please do an old fashioned coconut pie and buttermilk pie. Not the big
    creme puff coconut pie but crunchy gooey coconut pie without all that
    excess filling to crust ratio.

  4. FlawlessKevin says:

    Omg looks so good! The part where you were talking about the busy
    background! Lol

  5. buthcher911 says:

    That cake looks soooo good. Make me want to lick the bowl.

  6. Sheena Gomes says:

    Omg finally a new receipe…I love your cooking show soo much…I think
    your excellent I made your red velvet cake and I am never going back to any
    other receipe..your my go to person…thank you soo much ♡♡♡

  7. Monica Trejo says:

    Your voice is so entertaining

  8. Angela Blair says:

    I honestly would probably never make this recipe but I still clicked on it
    and watched the whole thing just because I love watching every video you
    make!! Haha :)

  9. Aleksandra Fatzinger says:

    Hello! I love your recipes! My hubby just goes crazy when I make your
    cheesy stuffed pasta shells. I have a question about pound cake. I just
    have a mini bundt cake sheet, do you think this recipe would work for that
    sheet? If yes how long should I bake them? Thanks in advance! 

  10. Zie H. Alaa says:

    Hiiii diva im watching u from middle east , i luv ur videos , i want to ask
    wht can i use if i dnt have lem. Flav. Yugurt ? Wht can i use insted of it

  11. Rachel C says:

    I’m like your husband! XD I hate lemon/lime desserts. It doesn’t taste good
    at all! I’ll have to try this. My family eats everything so no worries
    about wasted food.

  12. rozozzy says:

    YUMMY w/a cup of tea!! I used to ask for my husband what he wanted to eat
    and sometimes I would make suggestions. everything I suggested he
    didn’t like so made them anyway… he loved everything.. I never asked him
    again what he wanted cuz anything I put on a plate he likes!lol 

  13. Honey Dee says:

    you break the eggs right into the mix .. cause you live on the wild side

  14. kedra626 says:

    I would normally do lemon but you made this look so good I’m going to
    switch it up today lol

  15. c hollyrock says:

    This looks delicious and I’m very tempted to try it but I’m afraid I would
    end up eating the whole damn cake.;-) 

  16. in the Kitchen With Jonny says:

    Great recipe. Btw you are a great entertainer. Love watching your videos:)

  17. Smarts007 says:

    I knew buttermilk was coming! Lol I love that when you cook you cook like
    REAL people do, flour falls out the bowl, batter goes where it wants,
    husbands nag then still eat it, ya know REAL people stuff. Lol

  18. Kelia Coleman says:

    Omg this would be great in the summer too! I literally gasped when I saw
    you had a new video too lol

  19. Divas Can Cook says:

    Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day with this sweet and tart, homemade Glazed
    Lime Pound Cake!!

  20. Denise Milt says:

    They need to sit down somewhere I’m doing a video lol. This looks so
    delicious Monique!! Thanks for another great recipe!!

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