How to Food Prep like a legend: Having the body and health you desire in 80% about the nutrients you put into your body, exercising is actually the EASY Part is the other 23 hours where you…


  1. Danielle Cox says:

    Love this!! And would love to see more.

  2. purelytwins says:

    love food prepping, makes eating clean so quick and easy! We try to do it
    on Sundays or Mondays so we are ready for the rest of the week.

  3. Jay Walford says:

    Found this super handy! Thankyou! xx

  4. AJ Odudu says:

    This is basically going to save my life! Thank you

  5. Sophie Chapman says:

    Please do more of these! I’m always scared about prepping food and the
    worries about reheating meats and things- would love more in depth videos.

  6. Brittany Jordan says:

    Very helpful and I’m going to try some of these out 🙂 

  7. Its Halo says:

    I love this! sweet potatoes are my favorite thing to do! :)x

  8. Hollie Wakeham says:

    thumbs up for the fruit and veggies lol x

  9. Nancy Loaiza says:

    I’m kinda confused here… on another video you mentioned you became
    pescetarian but now you’re eating beef and chicken again? no judging here,
    just curious about it :)

  10. Glitter Nails says:

    I love how realistic you are with food. An excellent variety and inclusion
    of all food groups. I cringe at some vloggers. You’re great. 

  11. frankietakesphotos says:

    YUM! awesome video.

    just out of interest do you count calories/macros or any of that jazz?

    I have a really active job, as well as training for extremely competitive
    sport and i ALWAYS worry i under eat. because my nutrition is very similar
    to the stuff in this video, i am very careful about portion sizes and
    keeping ‘cheats’ to a minimum.

    any advice on that side of things – under-eating. ?

    love the videos!! xxxxxxxx

  12. Elina S says:

    How do you store the food / prevent it from spoiling? 

  13. TheLeanMachines says:

    Good work, now PUT OUR KITCHEN BACK TOGETHER!!!!!! x

  14. Courtney Lundquist says:

    Food prepping saves my LIFE! I loved seeing your recipes :)

  15. Miranda Voth says:

    you are absoluetly right, if you don’t change it up week to week you can
    get board. thanks for the inspiration this week :)

  16. Salina Rahman says:

    Please do a review on tiny tea. I’d love to know what you think of it.

  17. Happy Distractions Girl says:

    Such a good video! Thanks so much xx

  18. Lauren R. says:

    I love all of your videos! So inspiring! 

  19. andreapinkpawsx says:

    I always prep my food when I’m on holiday! Please do more of these! Xx 

  20. Jessica Smith says:

    I saw it said 3/4 days worth.. is there a particular item of cooked food
    you’d be better off eating sooner than the others due to it going off etc
    ?? and would you heat yours up or just eat it cold ?

    So glad both you and the Lean Machines put these up this week, needed some
    kind of help with this for ages !! great video ! :D

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