How to Increase Sex Power Naturally with this Superfood. (Secret Recipe with Guaranteed Results.)

How to Increase Sex Power Naturally with this Superfood. (Secret Recipe with Guaranteed Results.)

Superfoods are those foods which are full of nutrients, antioxidants and improve health.

We will talk about one of the superfood which will not only improve your sexual health but will also improve metabolic rate and immune system.

Sexual health is important in both male and female for long and everlasting relationship.


How to consume dates?

Recipe 1:

Soak 7_8 dates in water. Remove seeds and grind them. In Luke warm milk add this dates paste, a spoon of honey, a pinch of turmeric.

Consume this drink every night before sleeping. This will gradually help to increase the fertility rate.

This drink will also help to increase the sex power.

Recipe 2:

Soak 7_8 dates, remove seeds and grind them. You can also cut the dates into small pieces. Add them into Luke warm water. Also, add 4_5 almonds and pistachio. Add a spoon of honey.

Consume this drink every night before sleeping.

How dates will benefit?

Eating dates helps in increase in sperm count and fertility in males.

It also promotes in quality and quantity of sperm.

This can be eaten by both males and females.

It also increases the size of testicle in men and size of breast in women.

Consuming Dates helps in curing sexual disorders because this is a natural aphrodisiac.

Dates contain high level of estradiol and flavanoid which aids sperm motility and increased sperm count.

Dates also treat sexual impotence, improve sexual activity and increase sex hormones.

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