How to make a heart shaped cake – Valentine’s chocolate heart cake part 1

EXPAND THE BOX – – – how to make a heart shaped cake using only square and round cake tins, and how to coat it in buttercream. This is part 1 of a delicious chocolate valentine’s heart cake, the next parts are coming soon! 🍫❤️🎂

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More information:

💌 easy chocolate buttercream recipe:

🎂 chocolate sponge cake recipe:

Thank you to Michael Lim for sharing his chocolate sponge cake recipe!

Equipment list (affiliate links):

🍰 Cake Scraper: 
🎨 Professional dropper colours: 
🎨 Gel colours: 
👑 Edible gold lustre: 
🔌 Stand Mixer: 
🔭 LENS: 

✨for more recommended tools & products see my full list ✨

🍦Original Buttercream recipe – my super easy, ultra stable, ice-creamy egg free swiss buttercream – SEBC🍦if you’re new here, it’s all I use🍦:

🍰 Simple vanilla buttercream recipe – easier version for hobby bakers or beginners:

🌹 perfect buttercream rose tutorial:

🎂 How to smooth ice a buttercream cake:

🌿 DIY leaf piping tip:

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  1. Erin Gamma says:

    I’m watching this video as I just got off the treadmill and now I want
    chocolate cake! ☹️

    • Fancy Favours & Edible Art says:

      +Erin Gamma uh oh! Well on the other hand surely after your workout you’ve
      earned it? 😂😘🍫

  2. Shining Star says:

    Great to see clean trimmed nails when working with food 👍

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