How to Make The Marvelous Merveilleux

Learn how to make the Merveilleux, the meringue cookie with a makeover from the 2015 Top 10 Baking & Decorating Trends! Tips, tools and ingredients listed be…


  1. Wilton says:

    +Vickii Diva It can be made with egg white meringues, but we don’t know how
    long they will hold up but it will work.

  2. Roxana Cakes says:

    How many spooms of merengue powder I need to use?

  3. Lamia Bensalah says:

    I love merveilleux! It’s actually a Belgian treat. Our dialect uses a lot
    of french to name things 🙂 My mom and I make these every year for the
    spring sale at her work.

  4. mukwah1111 says:

    OK thanks. I bet these sell for a small fortune in the elite bakeries.
    There are so many decorating possibilities for so many occasions that I can
    think of. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Vickii Diva says:

    Can you make it with the egg white and sugar homemade meringues recipe, or
    is the meringue powder neccesary to ensure it holds up longer? 

  6. Shana Cali. says:

    How long can these last? Can I make them ahead of time for a party or do i
    have to create them that morning?
    everyone seems to use knox gelatin mix. i’d prefer not to, can i use the
    piping gel in all recipes? How much should i use?

    Loaded questions…….. maybe a video on this? I want to thank you so much
    for showing us this new way to make mini cakes……

  7. Lee Brauer says:

    They look so pretty! Do I serve them cold, frozen, or what???

  8. mukwah1111 says:

    Question? Once I assemble and freeze merveilleux can I keep them frozen
    for any length of time before final assembly ? Will they keep frozen for
    several weeks before final work is done?

  9. Wilton says:

    Zainab F Chaudhry – You could use whipped topping or whipped icing in place
    of the stabilized whipped cream, but we don’t have a substitute for the
    stabilized whipped cream that doesn’t use piping gel or gelatin. If you’d
    like to use just plain whipped cream, you can, but you’d need to eat them
    right away, or the whipped cream may begin to weep.

  10. Paavo Leppakoski says:

    I’m going to make these

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