I’M BACK! Bake with me at my own Pastry shop/studio!!! #YouTube香港玩樂派

Tell me which video/recipe of mine you like this most below👇🏼 and you’ll get a chance to join us at this YouTube event with me as the star host!

Date: 27 May (Sat)
Place: Patisserie 1507 (Southern District)
What: Make madeleines and share our love for dessert and baking together with other content creators and media

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  1. Peggy Leung says:

    Hello Mel! Welcome back to the YouTube world! 😄 Love your videos! My fav is the raspberry chocolate tart! I love everything raspberry & chocolate! 😍 I had tried to make it using your recipe!

  2. Manin Chou says:

    O my god, 我近日睇返你D舊片仲係道諗你幾時再拍片,點知你真係upload新片!! 開心!!

  3. Karen Fung says:

    matcha macarons

  4. o BE says:

    新鋪會5會請人? 想學啲基本野

  5. H Carmen says:

    我最鍾意抹茶生朱古力呢個Recipe 因為佢做法容易,而且好味同我鍾意食既朱古力品牌Royce既味道好相似

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