Kataifi prawns with apricot jam sauce – recipe

The kataifi prawns with apricot jam sauce makes an elegant main dish with a unique blend of flavors: the kataifi pastry creates a golden, crispy outer shell,…


  1. Reina Mb says:

    A little too difficult and time consuming if you ask me.

  2. Tecnologia FERBRZ says:

    It’s been a while since I last visited this channel and I’m really
    disappointed. I preferred when the videos were shorter and simpler. Too
    much editing, it’s trying too hard to impress, this is not TV, if I wanted
    TV I’d watch Ina Garten. It lost the “homemade” feel with all the
    unnecessary camera cuts and long narration. Also disappointing that after
    so many requests the videos still don’t mention temperature in Celsius for
    the rest of the world to understand, why should we have to expand the
    description (an extra step) to see the temperature? Just say it along
    Fahrenheit, costs nothing to do. Unsubscribing and not coming back.

  3. yellowsaffron says:
  4. yellowsaffron says:

    +Tecnologia FERBRZ I’m sorry you’re not happy with the new format… we
    decided to improve the quality of our videorecipes using the knowledge
    acquired during the shooting of the “In cucina with Giallozafferano” tv
    program, which was broadcasted on Fox channel last year.
    As for the temperatures, the Yellowsaffron channel is the English version
    of the Giallozafferano channel, so we mention imperial units to give extra
    information about the original recipe :)

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