longest most relaxed video on salad | raw food | dara dubinet

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  1. icke11234 says:

    Where’s the raw living radio link? Couldn’t find it.

  2. AugustAdvice says:

    Dara, can you do a video talking about anxiety? It’s something I struggle
    with on a daily basis and I was wondering if you ever experienced that, and
    if eating this way can ease anxious emotions.

  3. ferihamin says:

    Hi Dara, I just wanted to say that I love your videos and you inspire me so
    much. Could you also please talk about what to eat during and after
    pregnancy? Thank you!

  4. Ethan J says:

    Dara please show us how you store things in your fridge …. and i am not
    asking about your actual food but fruits and vegetables PLEASE!!!!!!
    Thank you!

  5. Diane Hall says:

    Why do you need to peel the beets? I eat mine raw, either julienned,
    spiralized or juiced and I’ve never peeled them.

  6. Heatherton B says:

    What would we do with out you! Always a ray of sunshine even when it’s
    raining. H

  7. TANNYRAW says:

    making space for the beautiful things to appear and the wonderful to happen
    , so true, I love this video its my favorite to hang out with you in your
    kitchen !!! I have done the same thing with my home and it feels freeing to
    release the clutter of the unneeded , it is a whole new level , I dont want
    things around me that bog me down mentally , it is quieting of the brain ,
    an opening of an energy channel for sure

  8. Lauren Nastasi says:

    Perfect! I’m going to make myself a big salad for lunch! You got me craving
    one! ;)

  9. Mina Vega says:

    Dara no take this wrong!!! please just a question . My mom feed me her
    breast milk because she say is the best nutrient. I am vegan raw for a
    year, well I pregnant I dont know if I give my baby my milk, I am much
    worry. I drink lots of milk when I was little, because we have a farm and
    eggs etc. but we never eat the meat just the eggs and milk and we sale as
    support our live. excuse my english. I just dont know what to do.

  10. Sigal Tabackman says:

    Love hanging out in the kitchen with you. Love the long videos. Much ♥ to
    you. Thank you for sharing.

  11. LagunaPalms says:

    You look extra beautiful in this one Dara, have a great mid-week.

  12. Dimitri Doudeskos says:

    I love the drawing on the whiteboard hehe

  13. Ethan J says:

    i was looking at that coconut cardamom yesterday at the store for the first
    time and wondering what the hell is it and now you showing you have it 🙂 

  14. mihaela ion says:

    Such long videos with you cooking and un-cooking are always a pleasure <3
    I love de-cluttering, it makes me feel so much better, I just did some
    de-cluttering yesterday and I'm planning on doing some more today :)

  15. Maggie Ferris says:

    I love your long videos. They are the best! I haven’t even watched it all
    yet, and I know it will be amazingly inspirational.

  16. icke11234 says:

    Hi Dara, don’t you just want to invite YouTubers BananaBlondie108 and
    PlantbasedAthlete to your quarters while they’re still around? It would be
    just awesome to get to see you guys together in a video.

  17. Katherine McGarry says:

    I started my day by watching this video. What a good inspiring and
    relaxing start to the day. Thanks Dara :o]

  18. Sue Goold says:

    Dara, that’s a great lipstick! Product deets please?

  19. Alysha Cleavin says:

    I love how you are consistantly genuine ,not just all sunshine & rainbows
    like some vegans on youtube haha,and also i wish i could have the skils you
    have of de cluttering but i’m not strict enough with my room i like
    everything i need where i can see it & that means it can be sorta messy
    what can i say i am in the essence of youth :3 .x p.s i want to be raw
    vegan one day Dara but for now my family finds it heavy enough that i am
    vegan at all i am not really labelled but if i had to put one it would be
    hclf vegan or starch solution . I love you & your dad i use your dads
    story as an example of the power of veganism to my mum & she’s only half
    impressed :/ she thinks she is iron deficient since her teens & thinks her
    carnivorous lifestyle is correct :p which it is not .

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