Mango Milkshake with Ice cream – मैंगो मिल्क शेक

Mango shake is best-served summer smoothie. mango smoothie is very easy to make at home.Also known as – Mango Milkshake Recipe, Simple Mango Juice Drink, Raw Food Mango Shake Recipe, Ripe Mango Shake Recipe, Aam ka Shake,
Learn how to make Mango Milkshake in quick and easy steps

– 2 Mango
– 1/2 glass of milk
– 4 tbsp of sugar
– cubes of Mangoes for garnishing
– Vanilla Ice cream
– Tutti Frutti , Cashew nuts for Garnish

– 2 आम
– 1/2 गिलास दूध
– 4 चम्मच चीनी
– गार्निशिंग के लिए आम के क्यूब्स
– वनीला आइसक्रीम
– तुती फ्रूटी, गार्निश के लिए काजू नट्स

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    sabka favorite #mangoshake

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    Mango milkshake is very good breakfast in summer.

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    tasty tasty Mango milkshake

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