My 11 Rules for Happiness! My Birthday Video!

My 11 Rules for Happiness! Since 11 has always been my lucky number and since today is my birthday, I want to share with you the 11 things that I have learned that have brought me happiness…


  1. peronvey says:

    anyone else feel like her smiles are so forced and extremely over

  2. Lorra Fae says:

    Love you, birthday girl!

    Funny, Sam came downstairs right when you said Batman (he’s obsessed with
    Batman lately) lol.

  3. RebekahSing says:

    Happy Birthday Kristina!! “beautifully and wonderfully made” sounds a lot
    like “fearfully and wonderfully made” from Psalm 139:14 are you a Christian
    Kristina? be proud of that if you are

  4. Enny Schlaghecke says:

    Hartelijk gefeliciteerd, lieve Kristina!
    Enny from the Netherlands.

  5. scice03 says:

    Okay so I’m new to all of this. So, is EVERYTHING you eat/drink cold?? Was
    that a hard change to make? I couldn’t imagine not having a plate of hot
    food.. Surely at the very least you could have hot tea? Or hot water with
    some lemon?? What about the winter months? So many questions!

  6. Julia Bernard says:

    You are so beautiful! Too bad you are so far away 🙂 I live in Poland
    I hope that veganism will help me overcome my eating disorders…

  7. David Broom says:

    Happy Birthday Kristina ! I am a Naturopath from England and want to thank
    you sincerely for the wonderful work you are doing. Many of my patients
    listen to your videos and have been helped by you. I mention you each time
    I give a public talk.You are in a very influential position and I suppose
    that one of the lessons we all learn at some time or another is that we
    cannot do everything in our own strength. The forgiveness thing is massive.
    I agree entirely that when you feel clean inside this gets through to your
    Bless you!

  8. Margery Hannah says:

    Beautiful, beautiful video, Kristina! Thank you! Happy Birthday, Love!!!

  9. Sheryl Hall Arnes says:

    Glad you had a truly happy birthday, my raw food guru! Great tips, but I
    have to say there are plenty of truly happy people that don’t believe “God”
    exists. Someone commented they knew you had to know God to be as happy as
    you appear to be. That’s a total myth. Religion is very distinctly
    influenced by culture. Spirituality can actually be found many ways. I.e.
    If you’re born in the U.S. you’re most likely to be Christian and if you’re
    born in India then you’re most likely to be Hindu. Religion is something
    learned. Spirituality is something experienced. Religion says if you follow
    these rules then you get these rewards. Spirituality frees you to be a more
    authentic human being. If I’m a Christian then I’m in danger of the Muslim
    hell or the wrath of the Jewish God. If I’m Jewish then I’m at risk of an
    eternal life in the Muslim and Christian hell. If I’m Muslim then I will be
    at odds with the Jewish God and surely end up in the Christian lake of
    fire. You get the point… I found it was easier to love myself and others
    when I decided to stop claiming to know things I cannot know. Peace and
    love. ~Sheryl

  10. Robyn McCarthy says:

    Happy Birthday, Kristina! For such a young person you have such wisdom. You
    are truly an inspiration. I am striving to become 100% raw vegan, and all
    of your videos get me closer. Thank you for everything you say and do!!!

  11. Hench Herbivore says:

    Happy Birthday Kristina! Anyone else noticed how veganism and spirituality
    seem to go hand in hand?

  12. Ali Washington says:

    A beautiful list from a beautiful Soul! I love you dearest Kristina <3 <3
    <3 Can't wait till I get to squeeze you again in real life! <3

  13. FullyRawKristina says:

    My 11 Rules for Happiness! Since 11 has always been my lucky number and
    since today is my birthday, I want to share with you the 11 things that I
    have learned that have brought me happiness this year. I’m always preaching
    about eating more FullyRaw fruits and veggies. Today, I share with you
    pieces of my heart that I also find essential. Love you all and appreciate
    your support!

  14. Flavia Fernandez says:

    LOVE YOU Kristina! Happy Birthday! desde Argentina.

  15. kristycurl says:

    Kristina, get this: my daughter was born on 11-11-2000, so on 11-11-11, she
    turned 11! 11 is her lucky number, too! 

  16. Garret The Vegan Targaryen says:

    Love this video and love you!!! Xoxo thank you for always sharing your tips
    and tricks!!<3

  17. Big Dan says:

    You’re looking better than ever, must mean you’re doing something right. I
    started following you ages ago but I’ve yet to be able to stick with a real
    diet. Staying home and taking care of my sick father has left me with no
    funding, but to be truthful I have some sway on the grocery list and it
    hasn’t always been a good influence. I started a garden 2 years ago, my
    first year with 5 raised beds covering maybe a 20’x20′ section. Last year
    I expanded it to 30’x100′ but lost most of my crops due to drought.. our
    well actually ran dry which has never happened in the 40 years the family
    has lived here. And now I’m as unhealthy as I’ve ever been, passing stones
    in both kidneys and too many issues to list.. I’m only 33, 6’7″ and 330 lbs
    (about 80lbs more than the last time I was considered trim.) I’m
    constantly dizzy, taking meds for blood pressure, constant headaches,
    allergies, abdominal pain, and more… The dr’s are happy to ignore my
    discomfort and seem to just throw whatever medication they can think of off
    the top of their head at me which doesn’t seem to help, in fact they cause
    more problems, and the list of possible side effects frightens me..
    Something has got to give. I’m just not making enough of a drastic change
    in my life. This… is not working

    The good news is the family is preparing to sell the property, downsize,
    and invest, which will leave room in the budget for a proper diet. At the
    top of the requirement list for the new home will be 1 acre minimum of flat
    land and a dependable water supply. Not to mention we are moving to the
    east coast which doesn’t seem to have a shortage of water =) I’ve seen fat
    sick and nearly dead, forks over knives, and several other films on this
    subject.. I just feel like I’m running out of time. I can’t imagine living
    like this for what life I may have left..

    I pray every night that I can make this change, yet I don’t even have the
    health I need to clean up the property to sell.. I feel like I’m stuck in a
    nightmare catch 22.. My family has depended on me to take care of their
    physical needs, and the upkeep of the home, property, and vehicles.. yet
    now I can’t even take care of myself..

    I look forward to turning this around, and making the story of my life one
    of success and health, of following my dreams, and making the dreams of
    those I love a reality. I look up to you and those like you. Thank you
    for the gift you give. One day soon I hope to tell the story of my
    transformation. I pray for that day often.

  18. 40BelowFruity says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Kristina <3 This is such a special day for
    us both and I hope you had an amazing day filled with love and happiness!
    There's nothing like connecting in person and I can't wait until we can
    connect again 🙂 

  19. Olivia Lyle says:

    YOU WERE BORN ON 11;11!?!?!? Holy cow you are so incredibly special!!!
    that’s miraculous!!!!

  20. Amanda Cindy Rose says:

    Beautiful video!! and Happy Birthday <3 - a new and excited subscriber :)

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