We made some fixes! SPOT the differences between the two videos in the comments section for a chance to win some Merchandise!!!
We try to taco everything in the kitchen with special guest Grace Helbig.

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Taco Challenge feat. Grace Helbig – Epic Meal Time


  1. Epic Meal Time says:

    What up sexy bitches!!
    We made some technical changes to the video after some feedback! Hope you like daddy’s NEW dish!
    Leave a comment if you watched the original and spotted some differences! Spot all the differences for a chance to win EpicMealTime merchandise!!
    Love Dad

  2. Brendan Sorichetti says:

    Great new video format guys! Harley’s vlogs sent me here, couldn’t be happier…SHA GUKS!!

  3. Mister Vash says:

    A steak taco ,make the shell out of a flank steak brown up some shrooms and jalapeños in that bitch queso the top of it and a1 on top and call it abombanation

  4. 丁韻嘉 says:

    Is that a JIMIN shirt?!wow

  5. J boles says:

    Yeah they would be cute together. Awwww blah blah blah WTF! Who cares. The real question for me is Harley what happened to your hair/beard? No.

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