NEWS: Pai’s TV Show – One World Kitchen!

The details are out! My first TV cooking show will premiere on June 1, 2015 at 5pm and 5:30 pm PST (8 & 8:30 EST) on Gusto TV in Canada. I am co-hosting the show with 4 other amazing ladies from all over the world! Check out for some snippets of the show!


  1. Marie Brumit says:

    Congratulations 👍😄 Pai, wish you a great success… I love all your
    YouTube videos…

  2. Thermodyne says:

    You thank us, but we also thank you!

  3. ramya padmanabhan says:

    I didn’t had Argentina food and Japan food but I have Italian and Indian
    food it is so yummy

  4. ramya padmanabhan says:

    I love the Indian cook as i am Indian any vegetarian

  5. April Sia says:

    wow! Didnt know about this till today. Hope to see your show on Australian
    TV. Congratulations!!

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