Princess Charlotte Celebration Cupcakes

Congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby daughter Charlotte. To mark the arrival of the fourth in line to the British throne here’s the perfect cupcake…


  1. Katie Sara says:

    Not only do these look delicious….they match Kate’s dress.

  2. Tiffany So says:

    that icing looks so yummy! going to make these tomorrow :D

  3. Ivana Ž says:
  4. Beautiful Tangled Mess says:

    Oh my lanta those looked so good! Congratulations to the lovely couple by
    the way!!! Those would be so cute to make for a baby shower!!! Saving this
    recipe! I love cupcakes!

  5. Nur Izzati says:

    Love videos like these!More please hehe

  6. Edgar Hernández Jiménez says:
  7. Kate Gallagher says:

    Ha nice turn around time. I’m just happy they had a girl it’s a nice

  8. clarkkent999 says:

    Where’s Jemma?

  9. John Cheung says:

    Very informative video to let young chefs out there know that we don’t have
    to use a standing mixer to make cupcakes!

  10. Ryan B says:

    why do so many videos and chefs these days use hand tools? So many people
    whisk cream by hand, mix things by hand, when most people in their homes
    own electric mixers/beaters. I find it funny sometimes, not that there is
    anything wrong with an elbow grease workout. Im sure a majority of people
    will not be doing this manually though lol.

  11. RickCleek says:

    Why are so may people saying this baby is a Reptoid?

  12. Josh Woodley says:

    What music are you playing in this video I’d love to know.

  13. Gracie Reeves says:

    I’m making these today for my dad’s birthday, can’t wait 

  14. MultikochDE says:

    just a wonderful way to celebrate the newborn royal baby, greetings from
    germany :-D

  15. velvet lucy says:

    Can you do a video on the perfect 3 course meal :))) 

  16. Vincenzos Plate says:


  17. Indre Bagdonaite says:

    Hey,go check out mine and my sisters channel,thanks guys

  18. Ariadni Lamar Speciale says:

    +Liane Escossio Vamos fazer essa delícia

  19. Jamie Oliver says:

    Congrats Will & Kate! x

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