Protein Energy Shake Recipe – Java Jolt!



  1. Bluemagus says:

    This is the corniest most self aware recipe video ever.

    And I love it.

    I’m going to try making one of these because they sound really good.

  2. roxoleto says:


  3. NazKerpan says:

    The acting was so cheesy, I love it.

  4. Nermin C. says:

    I went to like after laughing a lot at the awesome bits, and then I saw …
    4k likes, damn.

  5. That Is My Prerogative says:

    I think this shake is for bitches. No carbs, no muscle! Plus Casein or milk
    protein concentrate is better than Whey.

  6. John Smith says:

    Yo this guy for real is mad handsome. He must get all of the ladies,
    ‘specially with that beard.

  7. Allen says:

    Will this bring the boys to my yard though?

  8. Andrew Georghiou says:

    Im gonna sound like a broken record, but you guys are awesome! The quality
    of the videos are above and beyond now. It’s straight to the point while
    still being entertaining. Im actually looking forward to every video now
    like its the next episode of the flash coming on. Hah, get it? The flash
    reference on a java jolty video… hah im hilarious :)

  9. Buff Dudes says:

    It’s Jolty.

  10. Benny Rodriguez says:

    Great recipe! 1:27-1:35 (Death stare) Lol. Funny as hell. To Brandon or
    Hudson, do you guys usually drink black coffee before your workouts? 

  11. WolfPresident says:

    Rhett from Good Mythical Morning got buff! ;)

  12. patriotguy12 says:

    realistically, you don’t need a pre-workout before you go to the gym, your
    body works actually better with no food/sugars in it for a short period of
    time. Just drink coffee, or instead if you want a more of a caffeine
    affect, then just take Methamphetamine (Seriously),

    Source: NeuroChemistry and Biochemistry major

  13. TacoHawk76 says:

    “Let’s just hang out here in he kitchen and make a nice protein shake”
    “P-protein shake?”
    Ha! As if those legs haven’t ever seen a protein shake before

  14. michael noslen says:

    1.23 dat ass

  15. MrIamcrusty says:

    That face you give her was fuckin priceless dude

  16. hobofuture says:

    Ok I was kinda expecting vitamins or something, This is just a boat load of
    caffeine. :(

  17. lwAtErOnEl says:

    Does this mean you guys are part of the Quest team now? Or was this just a
    one time thing?

  18. Hetoan2 says:

    Man I’m sure you lost 2 pounds of muscle with her. If you know what I mean.

  19. João Victor G. Costa says:

    Awesome video, pals! Gonna try that out!

  20. pantzosk says:

    For just 14grams of protein i ‘d rather use greek yogurt than expensive not
    very healthy protein powder 

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