raw vegan savory crepes | dairy free gluten free delicious | dara dubinet

for the filling recipe: https://youtu.be/h5hd4AXKP0s More With Dara – Get More! Website: Twitter: Facebook:


  1. Rebecca Riordan says:

    These look tasty. I love Sunfood products too :)

  2. Liz F says:

    Thank you Dara!! Much luv <3 ( my son also said thumbs up!!)

  3. Raw Works says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these with us Dara. They look and sound so
    easy, beautiful and yummy.

  4. Rodney S says:

    3/8 ?

  5. nerina d'istra says:

    I’m still waiting for you to do something about that video exposure. Why
    so white? it’s not pleasant to the eyes, no depth, no contours or

  6. Spore0011 says:

    i can watch these all daylol 

  7. Nadine Mumford says:

    I love and can relate to having the kitchen clean and ready to create first
    thing in the morning. That is divine. Thank you so much Dara. 

  8. Shelia Honeycutt says:

    do you use coconut powder or flour?

  9. Frances Gannon says:

    Again, thank-you so much! It is just delightful to watch you. You are so
    cheerful and inspiring. Can’t wait to experiment making these. Little
    nervous , but it will be delicious. Love savory!! You look lovely too!

  10. Nan Cristo says:

    Love the video Dara…What is coconut powder? How does it differ from
    coconut flour? Can you make coconut powder from scratch? <3

  11. David John Cindric says:

    Yes Dara keep it up! I LOVE candid DARA! <3 <3 <3 DARA TV

  12. Lauren Nastasi says:

    Wow is right! I really want to try and make these!

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