Simple Fruit Tart

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  1. The Gray Boxwood says:

    This easy-to-make (and yet so sophisticated) dessert is perfect for the
    upcoming Easter holiday! #Easter

  2. Lacuna323 says:

    I always make a vanilla fruit tart for my family. Cant wait to try your
    method! Love it!

  3. SprinkleofWilly says:

    Feel like making this but really afraid of failure too lol 

  4. Vey D says:

    I also remove the stringly thing (forgot the name) of the yolk with a fork,
    it helps make nicer scrambled eggs, etc. 🙂 

  5. Emily Fung says:

    Simple and elegant!! That’s what we all need!

  6. laceyunderall22 says:

    So impressive. I love your channel, Kaleb!

  7. FitAnge S says:

    I’m loving this fruit tart. It’s super simple and looks wonderful. Thank

  8. Krissy Kakes says:

    I just announced to my family I’m making this recipe for Easter! :P

  9. Nina Grkovic says:

    You are so nice and I love your videos! Keep making them!

  10. Patrick Mazuca says:

    Beautiful +Kaleb Wyse! You are gonna have a great end to you Easter Meal!

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