THIS Is The BEST Post Workout Superfood Smoothie Ever

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THIS Is The BEST Post Workout Superfood Smoothie Ever – Saturday Strategy

I received an email recently from my good friend, Chris in Florida with a question I get asked all the time:

“What should I eat or drink AFTER a workout?”

It is really important to get a substantial amount of protein after you finish a good workout. GENERALLY speaking a great aim for grams protein is 20-25g for women and 25-30g for men.

After a workout is a wonderful time to consume carbs because at this time your body is more likely to use these carbs as muscle glycogen rather than store them as body fat. So if you are trying to lose weight, put the bulk of your daily carbs in your post workout smoothie/meal.

Check out my go-to smoothie recipe in this video!

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    Sounds delicious. And the color…. oh my God, looks like Baileys Irish
    Cream :-D

  2. FullExpectancy says:

    Work with the forces of nature my friend. That’s it!

  3. Apicular says:

    This smoothie has my pussy wet.

  4. Ruth Mann says:

    wow that’s a nice juicer, wished I could win one, I like the 5 breakfast
    smothies. I’m boarder line diabetic, changing my diet always on the run not
    to much time to fix food. I got some veggies and fruits at a farmer’s
    market, that’s fresh produce.

  5. Christine Kirby says:

    What’s the plant based protein you used ? Thanks ?

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