Ultimate Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe! The BEST Chocolate Cake Recipe there is!

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  1. FunFoods says:

    Yummy! Chocolate and strawberries are always a good combination,
    especially on top of a delicious cake.

  2. MidnightSky LPS says:


  3. Charlotte Forrester says:

    What happend to the heated part ???

  4. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Stacked, carved, sculpted or just for plain old eating, this is the
    ULTIMATE Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe!

  5. Chelsee Wenz says:


  6. dot williams says:

    Can you please make a video showing us how you make the white chocolate one
    please please please! xx

  7. Amanda Lysohirka says:

    Hi Elise,
    I may be a little lost. After you make the chocolate coffee and butter
    mixture, do you add it to the dry ingredients with the butter milk, oil and

  8. Tris Prior says:

    I wish I’d had this recipe on Tuesday when I was making my sister’s book

  9. Frederikke Tvede says:

    Omg strawberris+choclate+kit kat = amazing

  10. nzMaddles says:

    So wait, do you add the heated part to the dry ingredients? I think you
    missed that part in the video…

  11. Olivia Sutcliffe says:

    I’ve never had a mud cake what makes it different from a regular cake?

  12. Nienke Van Loon says:

    What is buttermilk in dutch??

  13. Thnkdoughnuts says:

    Is the coffee optional because we can’t have coffee

  14. modelchickny says:

    Thank you for this recipe I literally just made it for Sunday dinner
    tomorrow. It came out beautiful! Thanks so much!

  15. Alice whitworth says:

    looks so yum i made something smiler for my birthday!!

  16. Andrei Dela Cruz says:

    Because there are no annotations on youtube on mobile, tablet, etc. ,
    please update the description that the heated part must be added to the dry
    ingredients to prevent confusion for those who are watching using iOS,
    Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.

  17. chickapey says:

    FANTASTIC!!! thank you for sharing this!

  18. Sarah Le Moignan says:

    a chocolate mud cake on my birthday… perfect! Mud cake has to be the
    ultimate stacking cake. Thanks for sharing your recipe, Elise 🙂 Xx Happy

  19. R MARTIN says:

    Hello, I am confused. When and where do we use the heated mixture? Did you
    forget to add that in? Please help.

  20. Cutie Jezzy says:

    This looks soo good!

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