VEGAN SHAMROCK SHAKE!!! | Brooklyn’s Test Kitchen

VEGAN SHAMROCK SHAKE!!! | Brooklyn’s Test Kitchen

Hi guys! Today I’m bringing you along in the kitchen while I test my vegan shamrock shake recipe. My St. Patrick’s Day recipe video will be coming soon. Thanks for watching!


  1. MissYabilina says:

    It looks soo good Brooklyn!! Can’t wait to try it! I make vegan videos too, would love if you check them out and subscribe (:

  2. Jake And Sarah Health Nuts says:

    I really like that you gave honest feed back about your own creation. Your being real with your audience and I really respect that about you. I gave you a thumbs up 🙂 We just uploaded a raw Vegan cheese cake recipe if you or anyone is interested in checking it out. Awesome video and have a wonderful weekend Brooklyn.

  3. コーディ says:

    Looks delicious!

    Not a fan of mint, but maybe I could just do this with match powder to satisfy my needs.

    Also about powder sugar you could just use your regular vegan sugar and blend it until it’s in a powdered form. 🙂

  4. FATtoVEGAN! !! says:


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